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Biostimulation with PRP in Andorra

One of the most promising applications of biotechnology is directed to the field of regenerative medicine. For years the laboratories experimented with the creation and successful reproduction of tissues, but one of the simplest technique is the biostimulation treatment with platelet-rich plasma. The plasma, obtained from the patient's own blood, is injected directly into the treatment area. This technique is already in use Andorra.

The biobanks of Andorra, ready to start working

In the next weeks two private stem cell banks in Andorra are going to start their activity. One of the main activities will be the processing and preservation of these cells and other tissues. A second phase will be devoted to research.

Bioremediation against oil spills

Bioremediation is a natural process of cleansing against environmental pollution. We use microorganisms that feed on toxic waste. In addition, biotechnology can genetically modify bacteria to make them more efficient decontamination task, for example, oil spills on land or in water.

AndBio has aroused great interest in BioSpain

The presence of Andbio in BioSpain has been positive. The event, one of the most important meetings in Europe has been used to make important contacts.

Biotech investment & funding

In Andorra, the biotechnology sector is emerging but has a lot of potential. One of the main problems is to find funding and the model is still undefined. However, investments in biotechnology usually have good results. In Spain, for example, biotechnology investment offered a yield of 5.02%. Venture Capital has a yield of 50% with a maturity period of 5 to 7 years.